Happy children's day!

So last night when I was loading up elk antlers into a neighbors car (long story), I ran into some neighbor boys that were walking past my house. These particular neighbors are living here with families in my ward, they are from India and Africa, two sets of brothers, two different families.

I met the two African brothers when I went to Mozambique with a group called Care For Life almost three years ago. I showed him the pictures I had of the orphanages in Africa that I went to, which they both spent time at. It brought back a flood of memories that are some of my favorites. The time spent there changed my life, and though sometimes I often don't dwell on it as I should, I can never ever forget it.

SIDA from Jenna Patterson on Vimeo.

Danza! from Jenna Patterson on Vimeo.

The four boys explained to me what each of their countries have, something called children's day! They then remembered that it's children's day in Mozambique today! It's a good thing they remembered, cause it's a holiday filled with presents and celebrations for kids! I just loved this so much, I needed to share. Now go buy all your children toys!

Mozambique is a country stricken by poverty, civil war, and AIDS. To read more about this, to donate, to volunteer, or to hear the approach taken by CFL CLICK HERE!


  1. Jenna this post made me SO happy! The year that I went to Moz I was lucky enough to actually be there on "day of the children" and it was so much fun! they had a crazy celebration and did all these performances for us and all kinds of fun stuff! It was way cool! I think I am just gonna have to copy your post and do a little blurb about it on my blog! Good idea :)

  2. I almost stole those antlers last night!