A dress for Coraline on JoAnn's bday

So if you make a dress for one niece you sure better make one for the other? Right? Right!

Sweet Caroline, I love you, and I present you with this dress. The one I promised you months ago. Please come home from Midway soon. You eat VERY much and it has taken me a loooong time to finish it. If you spend too much time there, I'm afraid it might not fit. Why do the laws of gravity not apply to that hair of yours? Why do you always hit Tyler when he says "Caroline, say BAKUGON!!!"? You're an amazing child. Please tell your mother to stop running marathons (or half marathons) and to come back to me. We miss you!!!

Tia Jenna

Hermana, yes, I still live in your room. It's too hot in mine! I'm sorry I hung Carol's dress from your chandelier. Real classy, I know. Don't worry, your room is rejecting me. Yesterday, when I was getting PJS out of my, I mean your dresser, the painting hanging on your wall fell on my head!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kid you not. Rest easy though sis, nothing broke.

PS: Leslie, couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for helping me during the most frustrating moments. Like the time the button hole machine hated us and refused to work.


  1. THE LISTENER fell on your head?! Gee whiz that thing must really want me back. What'd you say about my chadelier? I think you forgot to say something...I'm jumping to my own conclusion and guessing your meant to say you HUNG her dress from it. That's ok. I still love you. I'm coming home next week!

  2. I am such a sucker for that color of blue, adorable vintage looking buttons, and peter pan collars. Are you sure this dress wasn't for me? Can I ask for something hand-made for my bday next month? It is my 21st after all. And considering I've had your present on my wall for months you know I appreciate your gifts very much. Just throwing it out there. If you don't like it, throw it right back.

  3. jenna i just found your blog!! that is such a cute dress, im very impressed with your skill :)

  4. i want one in my size. your sewing skills are fab!

  5. oh jenjen, I miss you. Don't worry, Cara has actually slimmed a little through the middle. Must be all that running around in the thin Midway air. It will be purrfect. "preety dress" we will be practicing the whole way home. whenever that comes.

  6. what the?!! jenna that is THE BEST.

    gosh...and yesterday i had a fit in joannes (the fabric store....not your sister...) just thinking of the slip cover i want to make that could quite possibly ruin my life...ehh...

  7. my wife is obsessed with this dress. she's like, "do you think she would consider selling one?"

  8. Is that a sick joke!?! I'm obsessed with that little dress! Gorgeous. I wish I was that talented... and had a place to sew...I think I would have fun trying to be as good as you...and failing miserably.