Pure blood and weekend of weddings

I went to Utah for a weekend of weddings. There were 55 couples sealed for all time and eternity on 8/8/09 in the Salt Lake Temple. I was in wedding heaven!!!

Hermana and I

Cousin Brady and cousin in law Sammi

My cute cousins. Provo boys watch out- the one in the middle is single (I think) and moving up to Utah to play soccer at UVU.

Me and the blonde bombshells.
Me with more bombshells! Why do I do that to myself?!?!

I know this is one of those "I'm practically famous" moments, but hey, when you are kind of related to Gordon B. Hinckley that means you have bragging rights. My Great Grandma was first cousins with Gordon B. Hinckley, so we went to visit Gordon B's grave and my great great grandpa's grave (Pres. Hinckley's uncle).

Me with Grandma Allen, who gave me the Hinckley blood.

As hard as it was coming home from Utah, I will say, coming home to flowers in my room and soul+body magazines on my table makes the transition much easier. Thanks Dustin, or shall I say "boots"- I have no idea where that nickname came from but I heard all about it this weekend. You have some splainin' to do.

Well, I better keep it short. I have "Will you marry me Nick Jonas???" posters to make for tomorrow's concert. Let's hope they work. (Dustin don't be mad!)


  1. please explain the amazing diamond heart on your finger? Remember when I would visit my heart shaped ring at Ben Bridge on a weekly basis?

  2. nick jonas will most definitely say yes. thats all

  3. Yes, please explain the ring. You looked so cute in all your pictures!

  4. Thanks! The ring is my moms, I stole it from her for the weddings.

  5. Um, I heart Jonas too..

    *Great seeing you last weekend. You look GREAT.