365 Days

This last Saturday, Dustin and I celebrated our one year "friend" anniversary!

What does that even mean, you ask? Well, it means that exactly one year ago was the first time Dustin and I meant to see each other. We used to run into each other a lot when we both were in Utah last summer. I'm talkin' twice a week!!! We finally exchanged numbers, and hung out down here for the first time together, before I went to school, and right after he came down to school. That's right, we were going to school in each other's home states. Ironic! Dontcha think?

I didn't know how old Dustin was, so I took him to practically a high school party. Wish I was kidding. Later that night was when I found out he was 27. A few weeks after that I found out he was 28 the whole time, but accidentally told me the wrong age that night. I guess that's what happens when you are taken to a high school party in your late twenties by a girl who you barely even know!

The first night we ever hung out I thought he looked like my friend Courtney's boyfriend, so I took a picture of him. That is kind of embarrassing to admit I thought that now, because I am dating Dustin and she is married to her then boyfriend! Awkward! (Sorry Courtney and Wyatt and Dustin!)

Dustin and I hit it off, and we have talked every day since!

Because I like to make fake holidays in order to celebrate, I dubbed Saturday our one year anniversary and we celebrated in style! Starting with breakfast at a cute little joint called La Grande Orange, where we ordered "French Pancakes" that turned out to be Crepes. Who knew?!

Followed by the Arizona Science Center, which was a blast. Highly recommended. Except I will tell you, we were the odd ones out because we didn't have our children with us. The night ended with a trip to Walmart to buy makings for oreo milkshakes and a few other items for us "health nuts":

Best 365 days EVER! Nobody can make me laugh like my boo does, happy anniversary Dust-o!


  1. you couldn't have stated it better. the patterson's like dustin around for cool rope tricks, too.

  2. I once celebrated a 365 days of "being friends", I even made three giant cakes shaped like the numbers "3" "6" and "5". He had thought we were dating apparently, and it didn't end well. We're not friends anymore.

  3. I think you should be a writer. Seriously. I loved the recap. And I love Dusty for you.

  4. Miss Jenna. Not going to lie. I read your blog always in anticipation of a shiny diamond ring. 365 days of knowing one another! That is decades in mormon years. I'm just saying... I think you'd make a fabulous bride.

  5. haha i love it.
    i like that if i go to church with amelia i get a suprise visit from you 2!!!

  6. can i have your sweet shake recipe paleeze?

    p.s.- your header makes me wish it was late spring.


  7. I'm totally with Molly on this one. And at this point I really hope we are good enough friends that I would recieve a phone call before reading it on your blog missy!

  8. he does cool flips on the beach too. i love dusty and jenny

  9. you guys are amazing. I like that you took him to a high school party...if I tried that with tyler, he would of run.

  10. Jenna, your hair is amazing!
    I love your friend aversary blog!

  11. How FUN Jenna! That's so cool. I know we never see eachother and haven't for a long time, but I'm glad to hear everything is going good for you :)