We LOVE Utah!

Dustin and I (mostly Dustin) thought it would be a really good idea to surprise his parents by showing up at their Utah home at 1:30 AM. Without ever warning them we were coming. So naturally, we did just that!

Lance didn't punch Dustin in the face like I thought he would, so I would say the surprise went well!

The next day, after I let Dustin sleep in like he told me to, we went on a hike!

Dustin loves Utah trips. He loves finding animal bones in rivers on our hikes. He loves crying over the fact that five guys is in Provo and not in AZ.

He sends me texts like this while I'm away from him during these Utah trips:

"I've got Lance rubbing my top half and Terry rubbing my feet simultaneously. Brilliant!"


"Linda just brought over two bags of cookies that I was raving about. Freshly baked. I'm a town hero."

or, my personal favorite was when he was telling me about the bike ride he went on...

"It was AMAZING!! Oh my holy heavens so So beautiful. Sun was just coming up. My spandex body gleaming in the morning rays...and now Terry is making me breakfast."

Dustin loves Utah, and Utah loves him! What can we say?

We got to go camping under the full moon, and woke up to a rainbow! Rain included. We got soaked!

We also spent time watching sports. Which we all know I love! I watched my first football game EVER! (I won't lie, I kind of got into the BYU game. Worst part about that? Dustin was asleep on my shoulder during it. And what woke him up was probably my excitement! I am now a sports fanatic.)

Utah is really the best. Especially because it has houses that look like this:

Dream World!

A big thank you to Terry and Lance for putting up with us for the last few days, especially after the sleepless night they had after our big surprise! You both are amazing and we love you!


  1. Terry and Lance sound like they would make fantastic in-laws.


    I want that little house at the bottom of your post.

    I was in AZ this weekend and couldn't help but wish UT had so many of the wonderful things AZ has.... I guess it just goes to say you always want that which you don't have.

  2. Dustin, the town hero...I could see that..

  3. I miss you so much! Isn't it funny how when you love someone, you somehow start loving things that they love? There were many times that I found myself on the couch with Aaron, his mom, and stepdad and we would watch UFC fights and I'd actually be interested! I'd be like "Who am I right now"

    I miss you dearly I insist that we get bikes and go to froyo asap

  4. jen babe.. i envy your guys' love.



    ps, HEY GIRL!

  5. my wife's obsessed with that house. it's a block away from where we live, so on walks we pass by it.