Jenna Jonas

Sounds good doesn't it?! As good as it sounds, I'm afraid Nick Jonas wasn't won over by my handmade proposal on a poster.

Which could be a good thing considering that it won't be legal for him for another few years...

The Jonas Brothers are wild! They did front flips on trampolines, sprayed the crowd with foam, and were even soaked by a fake rain shower! The Patterson Sisters LOVE the Jonas Brothers!

Thanks for taking us Leslie!


  1. i love that you guys went to this concert, and are always so stoked on the jonas bro's. I love this family, as you already know seeing how i sleep at your hous 50% of the time :)

  2. Haha! I know! I am always coming home to you, Emily, and Jamie (my three roomies)hanging out on the couch!

  3. Love the Jona's Brothers. Love that you love them too.

    -Might be considering moving down to AZ. What are your thoughts about that?