Happy 10 years!

Happy anniversary to John and JoAnn!

At first we thought it was weird when John showed up at our house from Utah 10+ years ago and asked our oldest and wisest sister to marry him after the first day we met him. I think we also found his habit of wearing a speedo a little weird too. (He was captain of the BYU swim team at the time-but STILL)

But we are so thankful he did. These two make quite the team, and they are honestly the cutest parents. I love them and their little family so much. They have the marriage everyone should have, and the marriage I hope to have. Plus, they gave birth to my favorite girl ever:

I don't know what you two think, but it's been a good 10 years for me. So go get yourself some tin, aluminum, or diamond to celebrate your 10th year. Or maybe just skip to the diamond part?

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  1. Ahhh. Thanks Jen. I am glad you approve of my speedo wearing hubby...he makes my life better. It is funny to think you were only an eleven year old, intercom listening (while John was getting the "talk" from dad) little tween at the time John swam into our lives.