Sedona, AZ is the only place in the world where the golden arches are really turquoise!

Last weekend Dr. (Heart) thROBERT got done with a grueling surgery rotation and Hermana had a "friend" come visit. What better way to celebrate the occasion than to get in on the "healing energy" from Sedona's "energy vortexes"? Trust me, we have emerged refreshed and energized people.

The day was spent:
*Doing people-trains down slide rock
*Giving Jenna heart attacks because some boys think it's way awesome to back flip off of cliffs the size of Mount Everest
*Slipping into a rock hole in the water and not being able to get out because every time I did I slowly slipped back into the hole/being saved by a stranger
*Mistaking the holy water in the Cross Church for a bowl of water from leaky roof (wish I was kidding). My bad!


  1. You forgot the sexy dance moves used @ the lunch table...compliments of Jozbabe!

  2. looks like so much fun! And I can tell Dustin likes to do brave things and scare you. It's an inate boy thing we'd never understand!

  3. You were dying. I'm dying just looking at the pic. I had no idea. D just never ceases to surprise me.

  4. I'm sad we missed this, I wouldve scared you more with my v-shaped toe touch into the water though.

  5. i LOVE slide rock.

    i'm glad you've switched over to the devils (asu)!

    start ribbing all your tees!

  6. WHAT THE?!!! Are those pics for real? Your little Dr. Robert is a heart stopper, in more ways than one.

  7. Did you the McDonalds in Sedona wasn't even allowed to open, if it didn't change the color of the arches?

    Its the only one in the US with different colors