Getting our carve on

When it comes to holidays, mine and Dustin's age meets in the middle. Kind of. I become a mom with plans of making dinner for the kids that I don't have, and borrow my sisters' children (we are having a spooky dinner tomorrow with bat wings as the main dish), while he loses a few years and gets really excited over things like carving pumpkins. We love our holidays, especially when they involve spooky and creepy decor. So we set aside 2 hours one night, and carved ourselves some pumpkins. Dustin studied up on how to make our jack-o-lanterns look awesome. I think his studying paid off. The product:

(Dustin did the nightmare before Christmas and evil faced one, I did the carrot nosed one)

Well, I better start sewing my costume tonight so I can wear it to our spooky dinner tomorrow!

With Halloween Love,
The Pumpkin Queen


  1. Those are way better and cooler than the one Geoff and I carved. We'll probably come smash yours on Halloween night.

    (Ok, if they really get smashed don't point your finger at me, like that one time with the rice krispy treat).

  2. I think that title fits you perfectly. mah goodness, them punkins look amazin! but seriously, i think d.'s got some blessed surgery hands with amazing capabilities.

  3. haha! Stacie, you love putting rice crispies in my hair while we're living in tents together.