It's not a good sign when your clothes can double has Halloween costumes...

I love this time of year! But I won't lie, at least one person during this month will tell me "they like my costume" or guess what I am. I would be flattered, except, I'm not dressed up.

Though I must say, this flaw of mine comes in handy sometimes...

Exhibit A:
Cruella Devill

I used my own dress and shirt and tights, in other words, all I had to do was buy a fur coat and hair paint. Embarrassing?

Exhibit B:

I used to have these cute shoes with bows that I loved to wear in high school. Once, the "cutest boy in school" told me that he liked them. It made me happy...until he followed that comment with a snide "...my three year old sister has the same ones!" Yikes. But little did Tyson Berry know, these shoes would make the perfect Dorothy shoes a few years later.



For those that know me, you probably aren't surprised that I have chosen to be Dorothy for the 10th Halloween in my life...you can't blame me, I've always had a fascination for those ruby red slippers. So much so that seeing Dorothy's Slippers in the Smithsonian was far more exciting than seeing The Star-Spangled Banner. Does that make me a bad American?

(me being Dorothy one year, of many)

(this year)

(the real deal)

And Other pictures from our spooky dinner:

(no offense to my dead relatives, but their family picture is spooky...)

Happy Halloween!


  1. Where's the 'little mermaid' pic with the red hair that lasted for months. Good times :)

  2. Ok first of all Tyson Berry was probably loving your shoes- I do! Both ways:) You were just ahead of the times! Secondly, Harry Potter is for real? That's no look a like. Too identical to be a fake!

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    I love Jenna.

    From Brinley

  4. you are so crafty! I've always loved those flats. and your little niece is cuter than the legal limit.

  5. aaahahahaha tyson barry!!! hilarious! i remember when he was the new kid to pioneer elementary in his 6th grade and all the girls were swooning...now i want to puke! girl, you crack me up

  6. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being Dorothy. Take it from me, I used to live in Kansas.

    And might I say that Dustin is the PERFECT Harry Potter. I've never seen a better one.

    Hope to see you really soon. I think, THINK I'll be packing my bags and making the big trek to Arizona. So please, oh please, let's hang out. Miss you.

  7. this is exactly why i need to be in arizona! i miss out on one too many halloweens! every year you come up with thee most clever costumes and i missed it this year! I MISS ARIZONA!

  8. I love your shoes! Your so creative