Wii love Martha

I have seen these in so many magazines and have always wanted to try making them! So I made Dustin make them with me.
After all, he owed it to me. I played him in Wii Tennis and not only did I lose every game, but the first game I played with him, I got hit. Wii controller right into my elbow. Full force.

(this has been my view for the last hour)

I have since have retired from the game of Wii Tennis. And while I have been "recovering", Dustin has continued playing. Long hours. He has now entered into the "pro circuit"!!! It's a big day in our lives.

Thanks Martha! (click here for instructions on how to make our craft of the day) We love our new paper products!


Dustin and I (mostly Dustin) hung our paper creations up in my room. Which has now turned into a place full of whimsy and magic. It is a little girls dream! Or my dream. My bed is directly under them, and now it feels like I'm sleeping with a baby mobile. Trust me, mobiles aren't only fun for babies!


  1. I Am in the middle of making a bunch of those for my little sister in law's bridal shower! They are so fun and they look so good!

  2. A-men.
    i love martha too.
    and the paper pom poms.
    and your wall color.


  3. you are so crafty Jenna. And your room is quite whimsicle. Love you!

  4. TEACH ME HOW!! I have ZERO decorations up @ our new place...I've been having designer's block! I love them Jenna.

  5. I love your latest craft! bob dylan+ fried foods+ rickity roller rides = FUN! Lets do it!

  6. Cute cute bedroom.
    So I'm just staring at the last two pictures wondering how on earth your room seems flipped? Is one of the pictures flipped?
    Should I really care?

    I love your nightstand woman!

  7. wait! I see it. You just moved the furniture!
    Gosh. That was like playing tricks with my mind.
    I'm not a very bright person.