Dustin's parents are in town this week, but before they arrived in the AZtown I sent them this "list of things to do in Arizona because nobody thinks there is anything to do here cause there kind of isn't" list. What?! Anyway, I wanted to share. So enjoy, and come visit me if you are one of my long lost Utah loves (Courtney, Nicole, Chelsea, Kelsey, Jamie, Lindsay, the list goes on and on...)

Things to do in ARIZONA:

Arizona Science Center: Dustin and I went when there was a Lego exhibit. It was a ton of fun and maybe Kate and Dylan would enjoy it along with the adults. You can also see imax movies here.

Phoenix Zoo and do the little walk up to Hole in the Rock.

Wild Life World Zoo- It is a bit further but has baby white tigers on display right now.

Renew your spirits in Sedona: It might be too cold to go to slide rock, which is a BLAST, but you Utah/Idaho/DC residents might be able to brave the cold.

Of course there is shopping, and I can tell/show you a few good places to go. Scottsdale Fashion Square is right next to Sprinkles Cupcakes which we probably should be visiting for the sake of Anne and Terry.

My sisters have taken their kiddos to the Cerreta Chocolate Factory and did the tour. She said it was cute and lasted about about 30 minutes. It is all the way out in Glendale, but they said it was pretty fun and the kids really liked it. The kids at the end make pizzas out of chocolate (for $5)! And if we go all the way out there, we could consider touring the The Cardinals Stadium which doesn't sound super exciting, but my sister also did this and said it was really fun. And her kids really enjoyed it. But it does cost money.

The Phoenix Symphony- will be playing Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony the week you all come. Could be fun for our sophisticated selves.

Golf Land- goofy golfing

Hyatt Gondola Rides- That's right, Arizona, Vegas, and Italy! We have them too. $10/adult.

Scottsdale Drive ins. When was the last time you did that?

Rosson House Museum

Arizona Museum for Youth

Places to eat:
Joes Real BBQ- in Gilbert. It's pretty amazing. Plus, a Patterson family favorite! Also, there is another restaurant by this same owner, and it is a really cool atmosphere. Joes Farm Grill- Feels like you stepped into the 60s! It's really retro, and they pick some of the plants off of their own farm.

La Grande Orange- in Scottsdale. Dustin and I love this place!

Gecko Grill- Great Mexican food

Yogurt Land- my favorite land. All the flavors of frozen yogurt you could imagine!!! SOoooooOO good. Right next to Tempe Town Lake.

Free things to do:

Tempe Town Lake- A fake lake, but it is a pretty cool place to go. It has a lot of art along a nice walk. It is right by the light rail, equipped with playgrounds, and you can rent paddle boats and go out on the lake! It is also right by ASU and Frank Lloyd Wright's Gammage Auditorium, which could be fun to drive by.

Hikes: Camelback in Phoenix, The Wind Caves in Mesa, and many more!

Going to the Mesa, Arizona temple. Which I love!

McCormick Train Park - this is in Scottsdale and it has trains you can ride! How does a picnic in the park sound?

Lee Lees Oriental Market- my sister that loves to try new things went to this with her crazy kids, and they had so much fun. There are things like octopus in jars, and other crazy Asian food items. She says it feels just like you stepped into Asia!

All my AZ love,

PS: Add to the list, I dare you! No really, I know that I missed a lot of ideas, so please share! Stacie, I know you have some up your sleeve. Also, a big thanks to my sisters and friends who I stole a lot of these good ideas from.


  1. Nice attempt Jen. But you should probably send them next door if they're looking for the real Arizona experience. That's right, I'll take them behind quiktrip, behind albertsons (for the stale bakery exhibit) and of course to the handcrafted home. All the places that REALLY matter on this side of town. (0-$)

  2. coffee rush open mic night!! Free and entertaining.

  3. You should know that tempe town lake no longer lets you rent paddle boats. I discovered this when we were on our date. They sold all the paddle boats and now have big boats if you want to go on the "lake tour". I'm not sure what there is to see, but it's available...and kinda lame.

  4. dear jenna,
    this makes me miss my homeland. nice work though. dont forget to visit apache junction- thats always a real treat.
    love your long lost orch dork buddy, megan

  5. After a night at the symphony, or before, dine at giussepes restaurant in Phoenix ( it's been on food network AND is owned by the previous principal cellist of the phx symphony) it's the Bombest Italian food around I swear!!