I'd want to know this, so I'm telling you...

Last night Dustin and I went to the Electric Light Parade in Phoenix with a few friends to celebrate Christmas. We like to get our Christmas on early into the month. Because we love Christmas!

On Friday night we attempted to go watch White Christmas, which was showing in at the Biltmore Park but, unfortunately for us, Arizona doesn't offer a lot of grass space and it was too packed. So we went back to his house and watched Elf. We were talking about how much we love the blue horned whale that says "...bye buddy..." and then I remembered how I thought I had seen a picture of a horned whale at the Bean Museum at BYU last year. So I boldly told him "there are such things as whales with horns on them" (I really wasn't 100% sure). He said "no there aren't". Unicored whales? Sounds like I made it up, right? I thought so too. So we googled "horned whales", obviously. And guess what? There ARE whales with horns on them! They are called Narwhals and their horns serve no real functional purpose. How awesome is that?

Without further ado...I give you...the Narwhal. Who knew?!


  1. this is great!
    i love elf and the blue whale is one of my favorites too :)
    i just found your blog; it's the cutest!


  2. haven't you seen the movie EARTH?! If not you and Dustin would eat that up!! It's amazing. Like tear jerking.

  3. When you mentioned horns I was thinking smaller, thicker ones like on a cow.

    Now *those* look like unicorn whales!

  4. Oh yes! Narwhals are also known as the unicorn of the sea!

  5. haha i once googled the horned whale too for this same reason!

    you look beautiful in these pictures jenna!

    and once again, props to you for finding the best adventures in az

  6. way to outsmart the doctor!
    i really wouldn't want to swim with those things. swimming with wild dolphins in mexico is much, much safer.
    fyi ado is actually spelt: adieu

  7. check your facts, hermana!
    adieu is a french word and a way of saying goodbye. think sound of music.
    ado basically means fuss. think shakespeare's much ado about nothing. in the context jenna used, ado is correct.
    looks like she outsmarted the pair of us!! but come on, no one's REALLY heard of narwhals.

  8. narwhal is my favorite animal, i have a life goal to see one someday. but you can only see them in Antarctica or in between nova scotia and greenland. someday. want to come?

  9. Okay, I thought I posted a comment but it didn't show up, so lucky you...I will post again. :) I bet it wouldn't surprise you to know that Tyler knows all about the Narwhal. We were actually just talking about them a few days ago. Now you and Tyler can have an intellectually stimulating conversation on the mysteries of the Narwhal. You and Dustin crack me up.

  10. "[N]o one's REALLY heard of narwhals." Please, the dang whale in the movie is named "Mr. Narwhal!"

    Sorry Jenna but you got played. There is no way a Robert didn't know about Narwhals. Clearly, this is akin to the Seinfeld episode where the guy pretends to think Richard M. Nixon's middle name is Moe to curry favor with an attractive woman. I'm guessing Dustin got plenty of "attention" the rest of the night.

  11. I can't thank you enough for introducing me to this magical creature. I had no clue. In fact I almost presumed the photos were shopped up... then Nadia mentioned the movie Earth, which is a legitimate source of the world's mysteries. So then I had faith.
    I'm so happy.

  12. I'm not even going to comment on John's comment! Can't to see you in a week and a half!

  13. haha um you are darling, i'm pretty sure that's why in the movie he says "goodbye mr narwhal"...doesn't he?

  14. haha i love pictures of you and your man! so cute.

    ps lets do a girls night at zoo lights!!!