Two Right Feet

I am not expecting, or expecting to be expecting anytime soon. However, I see baby clothes that I always want to make. It's a weird phenomena. Conveniently for me, my sister Julie is pregnant and due in February. Also, my best friend Stacie is pregnant and due in May. Inconveniently for me, my sister Julie is al natural and isn't finding out what she's having. And Stacie isn't far enough along to know what she is having. So I made baby shoes for a boy. Chances are pretty good that one of the two will have a boy, right?

If you think one of these shoes looks a little weird, you're probably right. These weren't supposed be both right feet (the first one I made didn't turn out so hot), but they somehow ended up looking that way? So don't worry Stacie/Julie, you're child won't have to wear two right shoes. I'll fix one! Good thing you both aren't due for another few months!

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  1. Ahahah I love you! Shanna insists we're having a girl and keeps making us girl clothes, and geoff buys things with monsters on them insisting we're having a boy. Basically, our baby will pretty much be bothsies.I find out in two weeks you will be the first to know ms. Crafty!

    Open an etsy shop girl!