¡Felíz Cumpleaños Hermana!

Happy birthday to my one and only Chilean sister!

I have a lot of favorite things about Hermana, but here are a few that popped into my mind in my 1:30 AM delirium:

-The Hermana is fearless, she can talk to anyone, about anything. Especially after her (the) mission. She taught relief society for the first time on Sunday, did an awesome job, and wasn't even nervous.

-Hermana sports a really really clean red car. She's very particular about all of her things and treats them with utmost respect. (Leave the iPhone in the charger until it's 100% charged!!!!)

-Hermana makes the tastiest lemon bars, they are probably super tasty because she hand squeezes the lemon juice herself from the lemons she picked our tree-she is a true homemaker. The picture above displays the perfection of Hermana's homemaking skills, who can make Hello Kitty waffles that actually turn out?

-Often we find Hermana going on splits with the "hermanas" (sister missionaries). She also calls her mission "the mission"-which is a sure sign that you've served a mission. She survived a lot of things on "the mission" including but not limited to: stray dogs, cold showers, earthquake tremors, and much much more.

-Hermana is set for motherhood, and always steals the nieces and nephews away from me. She beckons them to her room where her growing collection of interactive children's books wins over the kiddos. She is honestly going to make the best teacher!

-Hermana gives great advice, which is a really good thing because she is an older sister to three. She is wise beyond her years.

-Hermana is the most organized person I know! In every aspect of her life: she has a place for everything and plans things waaaaay ahead of time, she has organization down pat. She even printed my Hong Kong flight itinerary off for me today, (that right, we are going to HK, and we are so excited!!!) which is a good thing, because I would have never thought about it. Thanks Hermana!

-Hermana makes me laugh, just the simple things she does make me laugh, and I love it. But the best part about that is that I think I make her laugh because of the things I do pretty equally. We have a great time together. I love you Hermana! Happy Birthday!


  1. jessbabe really does have the best sense of humor. she says the littlest comments/phrases that have me in stitches! love your post...atta jenna

  2. geez girl, you know me well! thanks for all the kind (and funny, but true) remarks about me! love you, girl!

  3. P.S. I forgot to say how impressed I am that you know how to use the following "Spanish" punctuation marks:

    ¡insert word here! á as in Tomás.
    ñ as in año.

    Bien hecho, Jenna.

  4. the hermana sounds like a fun person. wait, what are you going to hong kong for? your honeymoon?