The Man of The House

Growing up with five sisters and one brother (that hasn't been living with me for years) and a dad that often has a bad back, I learned how to be the man of the house. Lifting? Got it down! Climbing on roofs doing things men should only do? Done! Carrying my suitcases up and down three flights of stairs to my room and back? I'm a pro.

So when my mom asked me to go and venture outside into the flood that has taken over our backyard, I wasn't surprised. She needed me to move the trash cans to a place where they were reachable to those who don't own wellies, and thanks to Utah, I have been exposed to my fair share of the elements and DO own rain boots. So I did just that, and took pictures of the occasion because we have some SERIOUS flooding going on. I love this weather!!!! There is so much water in the driveway I hydroplane into the garage when I park. It's exciting stuff.

I think Dustin is rubbing off on me because after I navigated my way through our backyard flood I took pity on our dog Charlie (which I normally wouldn't do), who has been too scared to go outside because of the storms. So we (Charlie and I) went on a quick walk so he could get out of the house for the few minutes that it wasn't raining. I tried to let Charlie off the leash while I walked him in an attempt to be more like Jan White (my idol) who walks her (Stacie's) dog without a leash, but it didn't go over so well for me, he got away fast. So he ended up on the leash in the end. I guess some of us don't have Jan's magical touch!

Where is Charlie?


  1. wow! I can't believe all that flooding. The retention basin by our house had ducks in it today. Good times :-)

  2. everyone wants to be a little more like jan, i wish you the best of luck.

  3. Jan cooked salmon for Addie the other morning and stunk up the entire house for days. She even took her to the vet once when she had a mysterious limp.

    Jenna,if I've taught you nothing by my abandonment to Addie, hear this, no one should treat dogs like that - they're dogs!

  4. haha you've always been so annoyed with Charlie, I guess Dustin did rub off on you. Jan is my idol too. And I think Stacie getting a dog was just one of her many phases. One that she was over the next day. poor addie!