El Dia De Amor

Saturday night Dustin and I celebrated Valentines day. I went over to his house and he presented me with this:

Which turns into this:

But inside the envelope (it was an envelope before it turned into a heart!) was a picture of the Phoenix Ballet- which meant that is what he had planned for the night! The Phoenix Ballet was doing a rendition of Sleeping Beauty! How romantic huh? No but seriously, I LOVE the ballet. I could watch it all day long and not get sick of it. Best part about it? I'm not the only one mesmerized by the dancers on stage, because Dustin is equally enthralled in their dancing. It was so amazing, and it made me want to be a ballerina. The only problem is, that if I was a ballerina, I would be retired already, huh?

We grabbed a bite to eat before the ballet, then enjoyed Sleeping Beauty who slept for 100 years (I don't remember her sleeping that long in the movie!), then went back to his house to exchange presents. Remember when I told you about how the boy knows how to pick out clothes for his woman? Even though I know he is blessed with this talent, it still blows me away every time.

He also decided to get his craft on and make both of us into a pop-up card. I cannot explain to you how hard I laughed when I opened this. I loved it! I'm supposed to be leaning in to kiss his cheek.

I made him a card, a bow tie, and bought him some bonbons like he used to eat in England on the (his) mission. The bonbons are actually pretty dang delish!

I love my dearest darling doctor Dustin. He is seriously the most amazing husband (fiance) a girl could ever ask for. Even when I'm being all bridezilla, he is so good to me. I feel the luckiest to know that I'm the one that gets to be loved the way I am by him. TMI? Probably. But it's Valentines Day (weekend)!!!!

I hope you all had the happiest Valentines! XoXo

ps- dustin is the most gracious receiver, when i gave him his bow tie i knew it would be kind of a stretch and pretty whimsical for his taste, but he was such a good sport, and tried it on for me with a gingham shirt, it's not tied right and obviously shouldn't be worn with such a shirt as this but here ya go anyway- my bow tie:


  1. You guys are the cutest couple...right after Tommy & I of course. Haha!!

  2. Ugh! You Two are so crafty. It puts my gift certificate to shame :(

  3. why are you totally thee most creative person (in the family) im jealous! i love you and dust

  4. Jenna! He is so romantic! your bow tie is so cute! I made Ben a skinny tie for Valentines day! we should have them wear them on the same day!

  5. sometimes i want to be you. and have a dustin (fiance) who just knows how to make me happy!

  6. OK, so I know I'm your dreaded Mother-in-Law, but seriously, I sat here and cried reading this post because you are really getting MARRIED!!! and you make my son so happy, and he loves you and everything is so wonderful and it makes me so happy seeing the way you love each other so much, and could any thing be cuter, and could either of you be any sweeter to each other, and you amaze me and I am so lucky to get a new daughter who I love already and it is amazing to see Dustin so happy and in love...etc, etc...you get the idea, right? love you my daughter. xoxoxo