A Round of Birthdays (some way overdue)

I am an auntie again! Which is one of my favorite jobs I'll ever have. Last night at around midnight Julie (my pregnant sister) called Hermana (my other sister) and told her to come quick! Her baby was on the way! So Julie hopped in Ryan's (her husband) truck and they were off to the hospital before Hermana even got there! Ryan used his hazard lights on and flew to the hospital, Hermana was at Julie and Ryan's house about five minutes when she got the call- they had the baby!

Litte Annie Davis (how cute is the name Annie?!) refused to come on 2/22/10 and was born at 12:15 AM on 2/23/10 (which I'm kind of sad about- 2/22/10 would have been an awesome bday!). She was delivered by four nurses and no doctors- Julie is a nurse too-which makes her delivery done by five nurses really. She came 20 minutes after they had gotten to the hospital.

Julie and Ryan decided to wait on finding out the gender of this baby, I told Julie not to disappoint me and have a girl, and that she did! I'm so proud of her. I'm especially proud of her for having the baby al natural, because that is so her, and I want to do that one time one day. Yeah, she might not have had a real choice this time, but al natural was the plan the whole time. How awesome is that?

Annie, I love you already! Your cheeks make me hungry, because they look like the ripest peaches I've ever seen. I seriously have no idea why, but after holding this baby once, I am seriously so in love with her. I just love newborns and the excitement they bring. What can I say- I'm a woman!

Also, happy really late birthday to my mother, whom I love dearly. She's amazing. She doesn't get stressed, she doesn't get angry, and she is never negative. I have a lot to learn from my mom. She's awesome.

And last but not least, Happy Bday to Jamie. I love her so much! Jamie is honestly one of the most Christ-like people I know. She judges nobody, and is friends with everyone. She gives and gives and doesn't ask for much in return. Things I would get annoyed or mad about, she laughs off. She is the funnest and nicest sister, and I love her.

Today is a good day! Welcome to the world Annie!


  1. I know the feeling, I love being an aunt too! It is an automatic love! Today is a good day for a birthday it's my sister in law Camille's birthday! I love the name Annie too! She's a darling baby!

  2. so happy.
    what a beautiful baby!


  3. Hooray!!!

    Also, I have a friend named Annie Davis. Weird.

  4. She is a peach! I love that Ryan used his hazards (totally necessary). I feel like although we'll have some sort of induction date and time, Geoff will feel the need to act as an ambulance driver as well. (totally unnecessary.)

  5. Congrats! What fun~ I hope I get to meet her in April!!! Love you. xoxo

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  7. So it is really a good thing she refused to come on 2-22 because we were definitely still in the truck, going well over the posted 65 MPH.
    Julie is my hero, for sure... What an amazing experience. Thanks for the post, Jenna.

  8. yay! im so glad she was a girl! i wish i could have been there. promise me you'll let me be in the delivering room for yours?- its a dream of mine.

    thanks for the birthday shout out.. most of it's not not true, but thank you. LOVE YOU!

  9. Woohoo. Congratulations aunt Jenna. I love being an aunt, and clearly you are not foreign to it.
    Tell your sister she is amazing for having it natural. My sister did it too, but her delivery was NO WHERE near 20 minutes, (33 hours is more like it, and no medicine). Sounds like our older sisters are pretty amazing. Congratulations again!

  10. Everything about Jamie is true! She is such a wonderful friend.

    And that baby is adorable!!