Mary Poppins

Last night Dustin took us to Mary Poppins on Broadway (he's practically perfect in every way, isn't he?). It was fantastic, and the 9th row middle seats didn't hurt either. It was such a different experience sitting close up! You can see their costumes so well, which I absolutely loved! Bert totally stole the show, but the whole production was so whimsical and fun I found myself grinning from ear to ear! Absolute bliss. Dustin and I talked about how uplifting the whole show was, it's just such a fun and positive cheery show. Go see it if you get the chance! We had a BLAST- and waking up with "Let's Go Fly A Kite" stuck in your head is pretty fun too.

** I forgot my camera somehow, so I just documented with a few pictures with my phone.


  1. That sounds like so much fun-- I absolutely love dressing up and going out to a show! I bet seeing Mary Poppins would be fantastic!

  2. Ashley and I saw this in new York last summer! Oh my goodness it is amazing how they do the things they do!

  3. you and Dustin are always a walking Jcrew ad! What a cute date, he seems so thoughtful.

  4. Oh my I have a lot to say-
    first off- Dustin and John must think alike because Mary Poppins was my favorite date we went on when we were engaged- our first date engaged actually and it was the best show I have ever seen! I'm glad you guys liked it! Second. Cute sweet little baby:) Third- um, that is such a sweet bowtie, I seriously need you to teach/help me learn to make one for Johnnie. Lastly- that is the sweetest pop-out card I have ever seen- I am trying to picture Dut cutting it out and it is reminding me of Lance- which we both know means AMAZING! Can't wait to see you soon!