Just another boring day in Pairs...(day two and three)

Monday (day two):

On our second day of Paris, Dustin and I ventured off to the Paris Opera House. This is the Opera House that the phantom haunted. It ended up being closed for tours so we decided to go to Les Galeries Lafayette, which were close by to find something to eat.

But along the way we found a major distraction- H&M, in Paris. Yeah, they probably have the same clothes as we do here at our Scottsdale H&M but still, we needed to shop, we were in Paris! So we did a little shopping (I ended up with two striped shirts because it was "very Paris").

We walked into the Lafayette Galleries and pretty much immediately got lost. That place is insanely big! After wandering around for a while, we finally found some delicious sandwiches in a bakery. We took our sandwiches back to the Opera house and sat on the steps and had a picnic while some "b-boyzzz" danced for us. Bliss!

Boring Opera House from Jenna Patterson on Vimeo.

finger licker-opera house from Jenna Patterson on Vimeo.

Later that day we found our way to Montmarte and Sacre Coure, which was beautiful. To get there we walked around lots of beautiful streets, watched guys singing Bob Marley on Parisian steps, ate Nutella crepes to fuel us, and stopped at local bakeries to buy baguettes and the largest jar of Nutella we could find (we were planning on bringing the left over Nutella home, yep...there wasn't any left to take home by the end of the week). We also stopped by Moulin Rouge on our way home from Sacre Coure.

Moulin Rouge from Jenna Patterson on Vimeo.

Tuesday (day three):

Because the opera house was closed for tours on Monday, we decided to go back on Tuesday to actually go inside and take a tour. It was soooo worth it. Fit for a phantom to haunt! It was beautiful, and we sung "the phaaaantom of the opera is here, inside my mind" the whole time. After the opera house tour, we ventured off to Notre Dame where Dustin and I decided it would be a good idea for me to go on a little kids spinning wheel backwards where I eventually fell off and ruined my favorite polka-dot tights. Which was sad but in retrospect super funny. We walked a lot of the way home, and saw some amazing bridges. One of my favorite moments in Paris happened this night on our walk home. As we were walking by the Seine River, we saw a footbridge (Pont des Arts Bridge) filled with people picnicking at sunset. Wine, cheese, the whole deal. The bridge was literally filled with people sitting down on it and picnicking. Oh to be French...

The opera house:

When our good idea went bad:

paris bridges falling down? from Jenna Patterson on Vimeo.

*PS- Sorry for all the pics and vids, but I am doing these posts for my own documenting too! And PS again- My laugh is waaay annoying, lo siento!


  1. this is deja vu... i was at each of these places last month! i absolutely loved paris! i hope you have as much fun as i did! xoxo

  2. I love all the pictures and video!!!

    makes me want to go back and really soak it up!!

  3. Your laugh is not annoying. Weezing is annoying (guilty). Paris is amazing. Your pictures are so beautiful! Oh to be Jenna & Lance.