Le Honeymoon (day one)

Right after we got engaged Dustin asked me where I would want a honeymoon, if we were lucky enough to get one (because of his school schedule and all). I told him Paris, naturally. Kind of wishful thinking on my part. But he made it happen. And it was beyond anything I could have dreamed of. Paris is the most magical/wonderful/happy place I have ever been in my life. I love it there! There are Parisians picnicking wherever you walk, public gardens on every street, and beautiful buildings honestly everywhere. If you ever get the chance to go, do it.

After a looooong plane ride over to Paris, airport hoppin' till we droppin, we finally got there. We walked to our hotel, which was only 3 minutes away from the train station. The weather was perfect and it was 10 AM. We weren't supposed to check in until 2 PM but when we got to the hotel and the French saw my situation, (I was still sporting the fishtail braid I had on my wedding night) they immediately upgraded us to a suite and let us check in within 10 minutes. So generous!

After cleaning myself up, Dustin and I walked to the Eiffel Tower, we enjoyed a chocolate waffle there and wandered around the area until it was dark and the tower was lit up. We even got to ride to the top of the tower to see the city in all it's nighttime glory. It was absolutely amazing. The perfect way to kick off the first day in Paris.

Waffleiffel from Jenna Patterson on Vimeo.

more to come..


  1. Ahhh!!!! So jealous. Love it. Can't wait for more!

  2. so glad you enjoyed Paris!
    i was there three weeks ago for the first time and absolutely loved it.
    although, i never found any chocolate waffles when i went to the tower.
    isn't it just the most magical place in the world?

  3. Jenna! Congrats on your wedding.. you guys are so cute together and I loved watching your wedding video. You made a beautiful bride! Paris looks amazing.. that's so cute that your sweet hubby made it happen for you...amazing!!! Hope your doing great!!!

  4. Ohh so fun! We ate waffles in the eiffel tower. Paris must be a zillion times better with your husband. And you look so cute! I remember when I was wearing my t-shirt and jeans I was thinking, dang I really need to adapt to european traveling fashion : )

  5. Day two, day two, day two...can't wait!

  6. that first picture of dustin is soooo rad.

    i want to go to paris!!

  7. looks beautiful!! And glad you got upgraded to a suite! So nice of the hotel!

    aaand I'm in love with your skirt.

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  9. you two were probably the best looking and dressed couple there. you belong in france. im so glad you guys had such a fun time. next time, lets go together

  10. Jenna! I am not sure if you remember me, but we had class together last semester and you showed me your blog. I remembered it and came across all of your adorable pictures! Looks like you are a happily married lady! I hope all is well.