On the fourth day of Paris we went to Versailles, which was my favorite part of the trip until a few days later when we went to Monet's Gardens. I mean, who doesn't like kickin' it in a castle all afternoon?

The palace was absolutely stunning. But the gardens of the palace? My favorite! After the long tour through the palace, seeing things like Marie Antoinette's bed and The Hall of Mirrors, we went outside to wander around the amazing gardens. I'm pretty sure it's a couple hundred acres. They were unreal. Fountains everywhere, trees shaped in squares as if you're playing nintendo. Statues along all of the hedges. It's outrageous! Totally looked straight out of a movie scene. I can't believe people really lived like this. And pictures don't do it justice. In true French fashion everyone was laying in the perfect weather and picnicking throughout the gardens. We thought we would join in. Dustin and I bought some sandwiches and $4 cokes and made the long journey out to one of the ponds in the garden. We sat under the trees and ate our food. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. It was sunny but cool, the food was french, and the company? Very good looking. It was the perfect day. So relaxing, just enjoying life to it's fullest. Literally, stopping to enjoy life. What an amazing thing that is.

Versaillesmooch from Jenna Patterson on Vimeo.


  1. stranger invasion...!

    i la-la-loved versailles. too bad our hotel concierge got his days crossed and told us to go the day the palace was closed. seemed pretty amazing as we peeked through the windows, though. hmmph.

    but the gardens were open... and marie antoinette's estate was especially amazing. story book, really. maybe my favorite day of my whole trip.

  2. This was my favorite place in France too! Amazing!

  3. Its the best part of Paris right?!? I loved it!
    You guys look great!


  4. "gross" hahahaha i'm still laughing! versailles is my favorite! did you see miss antoinette's humble abode? also my favorite. france is so perfect. there is a westin right outside the palace walls, i wanna stay there! when i get married wanna take a couples trip?! YAYAYA. ps. i leave for sweden in a MONTH. help me with my fashion! you are way too cute! love you!

  5. VERSAILLES!!! thats my favorite part of France! I seriously wish i lived in the gardens it would be amazing!! Im so jealous, i want to go back soooo bad!!!

  6. Versailles was an incredible part of my trip to Paris! and the gardens were unbelievable. one of my favorite parts too! too bad it was cold and rainy when we went... or else we totally would have had a picnic like you did!

  7. our posts make me itch to get out of here!!! ahhh i want to go somewhere beautiful and new