Rodin Museum

I'm so behind in the blogging world due to the kidnapping of my computer (Dustin is studying for boards round two, he takes precedence). But he just left to Glendale for school so until he comes back, me and my computer are going to have a love affair.

First, Honeymoon (I swear I'm almost done with this trip):

Dustin's dad Lance is an amazing artist- he has done car restorations, sculptures, stained glass, and from what I gather, is a perfectionist (you can tell by looking at his garage). Point being, Rodin is Lance's favorite sculptor. In honor of him (and my Lance who loves musuems) we went to the Rodin museum. It was pretty amazing.

We walked all the way to the Rodin museum from our hotel along the Champs-Élysées (which is known as the most beautiful avenue in the world according to Wikipedia). It truly was such an amazing walk. Along the way we visited the Arc De Triumph, ate crepes, saw where Napoleon was buried, then got to the museum!

The Arc De Triumph (this was taken on a different day, our hotel was so close to it!)

Napoleon's Tomb or something like that..

I tried to act sophisticated and Dustin was sophisticated. Museums normally aren't my thang, but they are totally Dustins. This was the only one we went to in Pairs (which wouldn't be Dustin's idea trip because he loves museums so much) so basically he really made the trip mine. The gardens of the museum were so great!

The Rodin Museum

Rodin again

In the gardens of the Rodin

Me in the gardens of Rodin- Peonies!

After the long walk there, the plan was to walk back past the Louvre and picnic on one of the French bridges we had seen before. But reality set in and we got hungry before that and our feet got tired so we ended up buying the most delish sandwich from a delicious bakery, then we walked a little further to the gardens of the Louvre and ate it. Picnic style. Perfection!

La Louvre


  1. I love Peonies {hence my bouquet}. I am officially jealous of your trip! Keep the posts a-coming!

  2. so pretty!

    i concur... dustin is pretty sophisticated.

  3. i really like here.

    congrats for the marriage