California Love

Last week Dustin and I got the chance to skip town and go to Newport for the week. Patterson Family tradition! While we were there we got to:

-Play with these hoodlums, which was awesome because they stay in Utah for the summer and we miss them.

-Visit Roger's Gardens, which is really an enormous flower store.

-Play at Balboa.

-Eat the best breakfast EVER at Crystal Cove.

-Beach, beach, beach!!!

My parents left earlier than we wished they would have, so my cousin Brady and his wifey Sammi were nice enough to let us stay in their hotel home with them. They've been staying in a hotel for a month because of business. Nuts huh?

One day Jamie, Dustin, and I ventured off to The Great Park in Irvine, which had free helium balloon rides for the public. It was actually pretty cool, I've always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon and this might be as close as I'll ever get.

On the fourth we went to a parade, and had a fun day playing soccer with our cousins. We watched fireworks from a mountain which was pretty fun because you could see like 4 different fire work shows happening at the SAME TIME.

What can we say? We love So Cal!

Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun trip, thanks Clifford fam for being the coolest cousins EVER. We love you!


  1. you look great, and that is the prettiest picture of japers ever! i love it! so cal so hard.

  2. Love the pictures! I miss you too. Caroline misses you the most. The Cliffords are too fun. Wish we could have seen you guys a little longer!

  3. Fourth of July in CA is meant to be. Watching fireworks over the ocean is the only way to do it!

    Cute outfits too!

  4. That looks soo fun. I've always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon too!

  5. fun! is it weird to wish the cliffords were my cousins too?

  6. Your fourth of July outfit is so darn cute! Will you dress me, too, please? The pics of Annie and Caroline make me miss them sooooo much. Annie looks so grown up. I can't believe we missed out on all the fun! And no, Stacie, it isn't weird to wish the Cliffords were your cousins, too. They are the best!

  7. what a fun weekend!
    i love all your outfits so much!

  8. Love the matching hats! Pretty sure Chris has that exact outfit your hubs in wearing where you are both sitting on the curb at the parade...glasses at all. we redheads must have the same taste! :)