Robert Reunion

Dustin and I are on to something- we are now taking vacations pretty much every other week. It's great. Last week we took off to Utah for Robert family vacation.

Julie and Ryan thought it would be a good idea to live in Utah all summer, it's not. We miss them! But luckily Julie drove to Park City to play for a day while we were vacationing there.

Caroline is seriously the sweetest girl in the world. She's like a little mom. I miss my little mom.

Erin and her family came which was awesome, I mean look at Soy Joy!

Here is a picture Kate took of me- aspiring photographer?

We didn't tell you we adopted a 6 month old?

Dustin and I went to Girl Talk, where I saw Kelsey, which was great! Until I got beer spilled on my new skirt :(

Dustin and I played some Boccie Ball on Sunday (hence the Sunday get up):

Normally I'm really good at Boccie (Denise vouch for me), but Dustin beat me 11 to 1 twice in a row. I was a really sore loser. I hate losing things. Even so much that I hate losing to Dylan (my 6 year old nephew) in the game of Sorry! we played that same day. Not a winning day for me.

More to come!

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  1. that picture of dustin in the chambray shirt kills me!