The Lances

My pa in law, Lance owns the amazing old Porsche that he restored himself. Interior and all! (He's super talented, I'm pretty sure he's one of a few people that could actually do that on their own). Anyway, this car sits in the CLEANEST most organized garage in the world with a cover on it.

On Sunday, Dustin asked Lancer to give me a ride in his car for the first time. It was so fun! You feel like you're in a movie from the 50s, driving in a car that small and low to the ground.

Isn't that so great?

The day D and I were supposed to leave from Utah we decided to stay one night longer so we could fulfill our camping desire for the summer. And that is what we definitely did. Dustin likes to camp under the stars, no tent or anything. Just sleeping bags and pads right on the ground. Which is way fun until you realize you're the only one on the mountain and Dustin has fallen asleep and you are scared of moose and bear attacks! Let's just say it was a sleepless night...but fun nonetheless.

At Camp

The only thing that got me to stay through the night was the thought of waking up to this view in the morning, it did not disappoint!


  1. cool! I love old cars- they just seem like more thought and effort went into them than the cookie cutter ones of today. But who knows? maybe in 60 years our cars will be cool? ehh... probably not.

    I've never camped without a tent- sounds cool but I'd probably be up half the night too! too much exposure to nature while unconscious...

  2. Jenna! your trip looks fun, you should have called me up! Me and Jonjon could have come and camped with you guys or something :) maybe we'll see you in arizona in a few weeks

  3. Wow, your trip looks fun! LOve the pics! xo

  4. That car is beautiful.
    It brings a tear to my face