Globe Trotters

Stacie, Baby-V (some of you know her as Ivy), and I all had the chance this weekend to fly to Chelsea's Wedding in Utah. Chelsea looked incredible, and the reception looked like Martha had done it herself. It was literally the most perfect, magical day. I loved it!

Baby V on her first flight

It was Ivy's first plane ride, and first time away from her dad. I have to say, she did pretty well. Though, she did have about 12 moms hovering over her at all times to fulfill her every whim and desire.

The REAL Mom

Ma Courtney

3 Moms to one baby

The ratios were pretty good, as you can see...

Ivy snoozing

Moms love Diet Coke

Court and I

The best picture from the trip...thanks Jonathan Canlas!

Congrats to Chelsea and Ben Prince. We are so excited for you two!


  1. how fun to see you on your blog! what cute friends, cute baby, and don't you just love lance? yum, and his car! so glad we got to finally meet you--we'll have to keep up with each other on our blogs......now that i'm finally on the mend i'll be much better at updating mine. tell dud hi and i LOVED his bruce lyrics on the thank you card:)

  2. sorry about the spiders!! omg. so embarrassing

  3. love that snoozin pic of ivy girl and LOVE that "kelsey!" picture of chelsea, shes amazing!

  4. SOOO happy to see these pictures! It was wonderful to see you at the wedding, Jenna -- and you looked so gorgeous! What a good friend you are!