God Save The Queen!

About a month ago, Dustin had a whole month off from rotations to study for his boards. He used the time to paint a tribute to his mission in England instead...

Isn't he amazing?! We love doing house projects. By that, I mean that I love having him do house projects that make my house so much more fun. (He painted that cute yellow dresser yellow as well, I never help him, bad wife!)

I wish you all could see this painting in person, because it is truly amazing. I have tried to take pictures of this Queen a few times, but for some reason the pics never turn out. So I finally am throwing in the towel and just showing you what I have.

We got the idea to do this off of DesignMom.com, if you haven't ever looked at her blog, you should. Because she is super cute and hip. We also got the idea of painting the Queen on our wall from the artist, Anne Carrington, who is amazing and has done similar work with sequins and whatnot. We got the actual image from the English Stamp (there is a 1st on our wall like the stamp, but the yellow dresser covers it up).

Anne Carrington's:

The whole painting is pixilated, so it took a really long time, right Dustin? I tried to help but for some reason he insisted on doing it himself.

We sure do love it, let's hope our landlord does too because we got a letter in our door yesterday notifying us that he will be visiting our house tomorrow for inspection. Blerg! We're practically in the Phoenix art walk so we should be okay, right? Wish us luck!

PS- Aren't those flowers beautiful? They are a welcome home present from Dustin. They smell so amazing!

The artist and I at a recent wedding, thanks Ben for the photo!


  1. Jenna, you totally scored.

    And also, you're house is adorable!

  2. This is absolutely amazing. I just discovered your blog and this post has definitely hooked me!

  3. Jenna your house is super cute!! I really like your style woman! What a fun thing to put on the wall :)

  4. Once again I'm impressed with Dubs. Can you guys come to our future little dive in UT and help me make it cute? HELP!

  5. Wow! Turned out so fantastic. I love it!!

  6. I love it. And the yellow dresser. So cute.

  7. luvs it! we might have to hire dusty green to paint our front room.

  8. wow. i really love that. a lot.

  9. Oh hey i like this.

    So glad i stumbled across your blog.

  10. very very cool. love the yellow wall.

  11. Hi! I'm late to the party...but I just found your beautiful blog entry.
    I'm going to paint this stamp in 30x40" canva and as a begginer painter I'm worry about getting the Queen just right!
    Any tips or advise on getting all the shades and lights right? Did you use a projector to trace the image? I'll be so grateful if you can help me out in this project!
    Thank you!!!

    1. We just used a projector to trace the image. Easy peasy. Only one shade required. Good luck!