Meeche and Dylan Frankland

My old roomie and friend/cousin/sister got married to Dillon Hall not to long ago. We love them so much that we went to their outside AZ reception from 7-10 PM and sweated it out in the 110 degree Arizona heat. No but really, it was such a beautiful reception and an amazing night. They make the cutest couple and have so much fun together. The wedding was so sweet, and watching them dance together almost made us cry.

We love you Michelle and Dillon!

Thanks, Langs for the pic!

PS- I am sorry we put instant potato pellets on your car that one time in high school when it was raining...


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  1. um...i laughed really hard reading that very last statement. i picture mashed potatoes making a comeback. :)
    you patterson (and robert) girls just make me smile!
    ps i didn't know that was your new last name! i know what it's like to sign that on paper. ;)