Eden Scout and Georgetown

Yesterday in DC we decided to go ahead and take it a little easier. So we only hit up the Museum of American History then walked around Georgetown (where I plan on living one day). We also got to meet up with Eden, Anne, and John for dinner.

Eden, Annie and John's little girl, blows my mind she is sooo amazing. I am seriously mesmerized by her when she is around me. I am so excited to live with Eden for a month!


Today we woke up early and drove from DC to Philly for the big doctor exam tomorrow. Three doctors-one hotel room and lotsa studying going on. All these hypothetical symptoms and diagnosis being read aloud is making me feel all hypochondriac-like.

In the meantime, we (Dustin) is getting calls from different residencies we have applied to. They want to set up interviews! I didn't really understand this until this week, but apparently not everyone gets an interview that applies. They choose based on credentials. And Dustin has gotten two really great interviews set up. One at Georgetown (I wouldn't complain if that worked out) and one in Charlotte, NC. I'm a proud wife!


  1. looks so fun!

    That little girl has mighty dark eyes for being so blond and fair!

  2. m azing! I love your life, and that little girl is adorable. How fun!

  3. I want to live in Georgetown. Adorable.