Exam Day!

Today the boys are taking their exam. As soon as they get home the touring begins! On the docket are The Liberty Bell and those steps that Rocky runs up. I haven't seen Rocky, but it should still be really fun. Oh, and I'm sure some Philly Cheesestake eating is required for tourists. Yum! Can't wait!


  1. okay, dustin looks far too important in those doctor clothes! how exciting! i'm so jealous you're in d.c. for a month(?) it sounds like you're diving right in and seeing everything. i wish anne would post more on her blog. eden scout is so darling and we never get to see her here in utah. thanks for sharing pics:)

  2. Hope you are having fun in DC! I love it there. Especially this time of year. Gorgeous.
    Anyway- you guys are always welcome to come stay on our air mattress if you want to take a trip to NYC! It's just a $15 bus ride!
    I would LOVE to see you!!