The Streets Of Philadelphia

Our stay in Philly was great! In one day we packed pretty much all of it in. We ate Philly Cheesesteaks, visited the US Mint in Philly (not as cool as I had hoped), saw Ben Franklin's grave, visited the Liberty Bell*, and Independence Hall where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were born. Oh, and of course we ran up the steps from Rocky.

They pay people to dress up like this-awesome!

View from the Rocky steps.

*By the way, did you know, back in the 90s Taco Bell did an April Fools joke where they claimed they had bought the Liberty Bell and from that point on would be called, "Taco Liberty Bell" and people were outraged?! Ha- genius! And their sales rose a ton that week. I learned that all from Wikipedia, thank you.

Here is a video of Dustin running up the stairs to the Rocky theme song, I love the part where he goes around the woman.


  1. Let me tell you...that sandwich is talking to this pregnant lady!

  2. freaking love wikipedia. can't wait to see more of your movies with your new camera!

  3. i love philadelphia. looks like you had a great time! xo!

  4. HAHAH, Why am I just seeing this video?! Amazeballs.

  5. So fun!

    P.S. I don't believe you've actually seen a Rocky movie. If so, that had to have happened since you've been dating Dustin.

  6. Hi Jenna, what gorgeous pictures, sooo inspiring!
    Have a happy weekend xx

  7. What a great trip! Your blog is fantastic. Glad I found you!