We have some exciting news!

No we aren't expecting, but we ARE moving in less than two weeks to DC for a month for one of Dustin's rotations.

We found out just a little over two weeks before our departure date. Just in the nick of time to quit my jobs and get ready to go--no complaining there! After DC we will be moving to Provo, Utah for a month, then straight to Ventura, CA for a month.

It is going to be a crazy three months but we are really excited to actually have two months of fall this year (for those of you who don't know, AZ doesn't have real seasons).

Ya see, great things happen in DC!
(pictures from our DC trip a while back)

Annie and I kickin' it with Conan at the National Museum of History in DC. And yes, he purred at us.

Sianara Arizona! Baby V, don't grow too much while we are gone!


  1. how fun!!! at least you are married and get to be with him during his rotations.. justin's half way done.. it stinks. haha

  2. Excited for you guys, but seriously way more bummed than I should be that you guys are leaving us.

    Who will fill our table of 6+baby now?

  3. JENNA,
    I am SO excited for you! Please call up my sister-in-law! I know you have your own family there but new friends is always fun! ALSO, Provo!!! I am so excited! I miss you!!

  4. Have Dusty pull some strings so you can do a month of rotations in Hawaii!

  5. yuck i'm so jealous! you two are going to have so much fun. When you're in Provoland we better see you often!

  6. He PURRed ar you!? I'm seriously jealous!

    Also, since you're married now can we hang out when you're in Provo?


    xoxo, Heather

  7. That was such a fun trip. We first got to know "the Jennarel". Love the shot of you and Dee...oh and Kenny's little head popping up! do I hear a "Justin?" Remember tromping through 2 feet of snow, Anne with Eden in her buggy across the freeway on ramp! What a crack up...THEN we learned we could have paid $5 and parked close!!!

  8. Yay! Come play with us while you are on the East side!

  9. Is that Kenny's head??? I CAN NOT WAIT for you two to get here!!!