Pickle Ball Tourney

This weekend Dustin and I went up to the cabin to spend some time with my mom's side of the family. We played lots of games in the nice weather, had a pickle ball tourney complete with a cash prize for the winner (courtesy of Grandma Allen), roasted marshmallows for s'mores, took naps on the hammock, it was a great relaxing weekend.

Grandma even played pickle ball and was really really good. Like, better than me for sure.

But she played tennis in college so I'll blame it on that. My Grandma Allen is amazing, I want to be just like her when I grow up. Not even kidding.

Dustin and Kevin won the pickle ball tourney, of course Dustin wins, "because he is a Robert"(and Roberts are winners according to any of the Robert men. Ask them, Jr. High Pull-up champ, peg board champs, you name it...someone is the champ of it).

My little 12 year old sister, Jayne took my camera because she wanted to take pictures. Turns out she's a little artist. Look at her self-portrait:

Don't you love the pictures she captured?


  1. I want to be like your Grandma too. Right now!

  2. I think I move about 100% slower than your grandma? How sad is that? I need to hit the gym...or
    p90x, or stop having kids.

    Anyway, I love the photo's so much. JAYNE: You rock!

  3. I want to be grandma too...I'd better start by eating less. and planning fun things. and having money to give away. Love jayne's pictures. Ahhh, I miss the cabin!

  4. First, I can't believe Jayne took those cute pictures! Do we have another budding photog in the fam? Second, I think the pictures of Grandma are AWESOME! She is all that and more. So sad we missed out on a fun weekend. Let's do it again sometime, k?

  5. i was totally impressed with jayne's self portrait when i saw it at your mom's house!! she's amazing

  6. so sad we had to mow the lawn in greer and couldn't play pickleball. . . next time! : )

  7. I love your hair color! I love that you guys play pickle ball and I am super jealous that you're in dc! Living the life girl!