Busy-ness Talk

As you may know by now, Dustin and I will be leaving our house in Phoenix from next Saturday until January. We decided to put the word out there that we are looking for someone to potentially rent our house for three months, for much less rent than we are paying.

Our house is around one mile away from: Chase Field, where the Diamond Backs play, the Arizona Science Center, Pizzeria Bianco, which is one of Oprah's favorite things. It's basically in the First Friday art walk in Phoenix, which is super fun. We are also close to the Phoenix Museum of Art and the Phoenix Public Library which is totally rad. The list could go on but I'll stop here.

It will be fully furnished including dishes since we aren't moving out for good.

Email me for interests, questions, and details:

(Husband and bikes are not included)


  1. im so happy i feel like i have now seen your house! wish we could! love you!

  2. Your house is the cutest! I just love it.

  3. "Dustin, get behind Panama...we have company." - Jenna.

  4. okay, dustin is sooooo my favorite cousin! you have a springsteen poster in your kitchen! (i was just wearing that t-shirt today) i used to put my springsteen posters behind doors, now they're in my garage. as of tomorrow, i'll have one in my kitchen! i love your house, it's darling. i saw the anthroplogie dishes on your shelf:) going to d.c. sounds like a blast, what a great opportunity. and then it will be fun to have you guys here for a month--we'll have to have some family get-togethers. oh, and, dustin's right. the robert's are winners--but it's not just the men, the girls too! (hee hee, it drives my husband nuts!)