To celebrate Halloween, we woke up early and carved pumpkins (by we, I mean Dustin. He spent hours on it along with his dad, Lance, who carved some masterpieces):

The master at work.

Dustin's finished product.

Lance's second pumpkin (it's making pumpkin pies-get it?)

Lance's first pumpkin on the left.

While Dustin was deep into the carving process, I took off to visit my nieces and nephews up here and went trunk-or-treating with them:

Caroline as Pinkalicious, Annie as a ladybug.

This year the Roberts dressed up as Robbers, get it?

And went to Nicole's fab party, where we weren't the only robbers...

I brought these spooky cookie fingers and not-so-spooky pumpkin chocolate whoopie pies for dessert:

We ate s'mores and had a great time:

Happy Halloween everyone, and Happy Birthday Kelsey:

Could she get any cuter?


  1. Ben and I are very impressed with those pumpkins and your awesome costumes. Happy Birthday to Kelsey and I miss you! xoxo

  2. Jenna!! I showed Trevor your husband's pumpkin. Pretty sure he was super jealous. Trevor and his family are really into carving pumpkins as well. Haha I loved dustin's pumpkin. We are so impressed. You look so beautiful and happy! Love your yellow pea coat with the bow. Adorable.

  3. I love you guys!! I'm so glad you are in Utah for awhile!!!

  4. Why are Julie's kids the cutest? Ah they kill me. And I'm really impressed with Dustin's pumpkin carving skills!

  5. thanks for the pics! I love the one of Caroline by the door. Is it me or did Dustin turn Latino? Or maybe you got another date for the night. it doesn't even look like him! Nice facial hair, impressive. But not as impressive as the pumpkins. You two are so creative...glad you are here!

  6. haha i agree with julie's comment! that facial hair kills me. and you are darling, darling.

  7. Those pumpkins are amazing. Very creative!