On Saturday, Dustin and I are taking off for Portland, Oregon to interview there for residency (did I mention that Dustin has interviews at every single place he applied for? Amazing!)

Isn't this treehouse in Oregon awesome?

I have never been to Oregon, and we are going to have a day or so to get a feel for the area and decide if that is somewhere we would want to live for four years.

That being said, we would love suggestions of awesome places to see, favorite restaurants to eat at, shops to check out, you know, that kind of stuff!

Thanks everyone!


  1. jennaaa.
    you've got to stop at voodoo for donuts and have a little lunch from the street vendors downtown. YUM.
    (my boyfrAinds hometown!!)

  2. Make sure to drive through the Columbia River Gorge--it's beautiful this time of year! (Funny to think that last year at this time I was there.) There are really pretty waterfalls and it's a perfect place for taking pictures.

    Walk downtown by the river! (And beware of the bums.)

  3. I would definitely check out the Japanese Gardens in Portland! It is gorgeous. Google images it. You won't be disappointed. Also, I would see if the Oregon Symphony will be performing. They are amazing!

  4. ohhh love that one! amazing..I want to live there! I mean really cool! xo,rachel

  5. We're looking forward to having you in Portland, Jenna. Get to know our great city with a Portland Walks tour (we recommend the Beyond Bizarre and Epicurean Excursion tours), go see An Illiad playing at Portland Center Stage and ask for a tour of the LEED certified Armory, and head over to the east side for Pok Pok's award winning food. You might want to wrap up your evening with a uniquely Portland late-night dining experience at VooDoo Doughnuts. While you may have to wait for those delicious treats, they are worth every minute spent in line.

    Need more ideas? Ask us questions on twitter (@travelportland) and use #inpdx for recommendations from the Portland community.

  6. If you like books, go to Powell's bookstore. It's AMAZING. And I was pretty much in Heaven there. They also have some really cool vintage sand music shops right around Powell's. You will love dowtown Portland. Well... maybe minus the hippies everywhere...

  7. have fun!! i would say check out the Japanese gardens. i hear its a beauty. and my sister told me the food is AMAZING in portland!

  8. hey, thanks for the comment. you looked familiar and i think i realized it's because i saw your photos on the sloan's blog.

    anyway, portland is amazing! you will love it. someday i'll have a second summer home there.

    powell's bookstore is a must see. if you like paper & letterpress, visit oblation. even if you're not staying there, you should peek inside the ace hotel - it's really awesome. plus it has a photobooth, and a cute coffee shop next store.

    there's so much great food i doubt you'll have a problem finding restaurants. i would recommend checking out some of the amazing food carts!

  9. oh, AND if it's possible you should totally stop by and check out the little winter market going on this weekend. so wish i could be there for it.