Blogging Utah While In Portland

Before I post Portland (we arrived today) I figure I have to post the happenings in Utah. I can't get ahead of myself now, can I?

Last week, my friend Kelsey had a birthday! To celebrate, we had a girls night out:

Me and The Birthday Girl

I also got to play with my sisters kiddos while she went to The Temple:
Little Annie

Turns out I'm the worst babysitter ever. Can you tell what we had for a snack?

(correct answer: yogurt and chocolate soy milk) Needless to say, they got returned a little dirty.

A huge thanks to everyone who gave us suggestions on what to do in Portland. We would be lost without you! We arrived this morning and have already checked a few suggestions off our list, and so far, all of your ideas have been amazing! I'll post pictures soon.


  1. portland: powell's book store- the original resturant- lounge lizard furniture store- voo-doo donuts.

    outside the city: multnomah falls- tillamok cheese factory- drive the 101.

    super jealous! my sister lived there for 5 years- we love it.

  2. Those dinner pics are missing me and ivy. That's it I'm booking a flight.

  3. you all look so chic..i miss you girls xx

  4. Sad. I miss you guys. Maybe Stacie, Ivy and I should have driven up there, or booked a flight. Either way, we should have come.