Oregon Donor (day one and two)

Today Dustin is interviewing at the Providence Milwaukie Hospital for the Family Practice Residency Program while I sit in the hotel blogging our trip as it rains outside (so typical, Portland).

Our time in Portland has been amazing. Full of trees, huge beautiful colored leaves, quaint houses, and delicious food to eat.

On our first day in Portland, we went to the Little Winter Market stocked full of handmade wonders. Then walked down the street and hung out at Powell's Bookstore (we stayed there for hours-there are soooo many books to look at!) until we got hungry enough to eat some goat cheese burgers across the street from Powell's at Little Big Burger. Those were amazing.

Just driving around Portland you end up on some of the most beautiful tree lined streets.

We walked into the Ace Hotel (seriously guys, we used so many suggestions from your comments) which was really really cool.

The Ace Hotel. I want that chandelier.

On day two of Portland we hit up the outdoor markets and I went to my first opera with Dustin. Hansel and Gretel. Unbelieveable. The costumes were so whimsical and dreamy. We loved it.

The view from the Opera House.

Pictures from Hansel and Gretel (thanks google!)

We also had the chance to visit the outdoor markets and have a little lunch out by the water.

We have really loved Portland (beards, beanies, bikes, and all). Each time we go to a possible residency spot we get so excited thinking about potentially living at that particular place. D.C., Provo, now Portland. So many great options!

More Portland to come...


  1. Arent the Ace Hotels insane?! I didnt know they had one in Portland..ive just been to NY and Palm Springs and ive seen pics of Vegas! sooo cool.

  2. 1. Don't worry, I took the Liz Lemon comment as a compliment. Haha.

    2. Also, I have a really good friend that just moved to Portland with her husband (she's actually Estee Cook's sis-in-law!). You should be friends with them if you end up there. And I'll come visit :)

  3. Confession: I lurk your blog. We had institute together one semester. Anyway, Portland looks amazing! I am jealous of anyone who lives there.

  4. Moonstruck...they have the most amazing hot chocolate in lot's of different flavors. Enjoy Portland!

  5. you & your hubs are the cutest.