Japanese Gardens and Multnomah Falls

The third day Dustin and I were in Portland was definitely my favorite. We went to the Japanese Gardens and Multnomah Falls.

The Japanese Gardens are supposed to be the closest thing to a real Japanese Gardens outside of Japan itself. They were pretty amazing, I do love a good garden.

We really felt at home there.

I think the greater Oregon/Washington area makes you look extra pale?

Right after the Japanese Gardens we went to Multnomah Falls. The drive was amazing.
Dustin on top of the bridge.

Then I found the biggest leaf I have ever seen in my life:
Matches my jacket with perfection.


  1. I've totally been there. It's beautiful! I love your new camera!

  2. Jealous! I'm sad Hawaii doesn't have a Fall season...I love it when the leaves change color.

  3. i dream of visiting portland someday. your pictures definitely remind me why i so badly want to go there.

  4. jenna, I totally blog stalk you and your husband. I was actually telling Tyler a few weeks ago that I think yours is one of my very favorites! It looks like you guys are having fun in Portland :) love love your pictures!

  5. I think you should go to Portland so I can go visit you. I'm impressed how much you crammed into a short stay! Oh, but I think you should go to DC too so I can visit there. But really, I think you should stay here in Provo so I can see you and go to cooking classes together...decisions decisions!

  6. jenna it looks like portland was so much fun but now is time for our date? i want to see you soon love you!

  7. those look pretty legit, dont you just love those falls, when i went it was fall too and i felt like i was in the movie legend or something.

  8. You are so super cute ALL the time! How is that even possible? You amaze me woman! :)