The Phantom-Sin City Style

This weekend the four Roberts in Utah (Lance, Terry, Dustin, and me) all had the chance to go to Las Vegas for the weekend to see one of Dustin's friends, Ben, perform in the Phantom of The Opera.

The men and I

Father and son

His wife, Rebekah, is actually a ballerina (as a part of the ballet chorus) in the show as well. (talented couple right?). Ben played the role of Raoul, Christine's fiance. He was the star of the show. We had dinner with them a few hours before the show, and it was amazing to see the transformation that they both had when they got onto that stage. It was also fun to hear a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes.

I've seen the Phantom of The Opera a few times, but seeing it in Vegas was a completely different experience (the second row seats were a perk, thanks Ben and Rebekah). It was totally done Vegas style, more showy. There are signs all over Vegas that say, "you've never seen it [The Phantom] like this before" and it couldn't be more true. It was phenomenal really. We had so much fun seeing the two of them perform, and we've had the songs stuck in our head since the performance on Saturday night.

Lance, Terry, Rebekah, Ben, Dustin- they were even nice enough to come out after the show in their break before the second show of the night!

Rebekah (ballerina), Ben (Raoul), Dustin, and I- doesn't Ben make the perfect Raoul?


  1. Wow, what a cool couple. They could put on tbe best talent show. Wish we had someone like that in our fam! haha we are so NOT the performing type! Think jayne in her singing concert!

  2. I'm super jealous of them for way too many reasons. Do you want me to list a few? They are talented, they perform, they get to dance for a living, and they get to hang out with you two turkeys.

  3. What a fun experience! Side note, I love your polka dot tights.

  4. Ben and Rebekah are in our ward. Aren't they the greatest!?! It's a fantastic show! I'm glad you got to see it!