On the first day of Christmas

This year, since I am going to be spending my first Christmas away from AZ (I'll be in Utah with Dustin's family), I decided to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas the week of Thanksgiving, and get some AZ Christmas fun in!

We (Jamie, Dustin, and I) hung my parents Christmas lights (that was no small feat) and even made it over to the Mesa, AZ Temple with friends to see the Christmas lights!

We did that!

I've been friends with these girls since 5th grade! I love these two.

Dusty and I.

Merry early Christmas!

Also, if you love Christmas as much as we do, you should probably go look at this advent calendar seen over at Oh Happy Day. I just love it so much I need to make one. Such good Christmasy ideas.


  1. Fun! I can't wait to get to Utah to decorate my moms place! You should come help me if you're bored (you probably won't be but I thought I'd throw it out there)

  2. Wait! Anne I need you and Jenna to decorate my place! : >
    Can't wait to see you both!