This Thanksgiving was a blast, and thankfully, Dusty even had a few days off of work in Ventura, CA and was able to fly down and enjoy it with us.

Thanksgiving morning, Leslie (my mom) decided it would be a good idea if we did a family turkey trot. We even had some neighbors join (which made us feel extra official). You had to choose between a 1 mile or a 5k. I tried to run the 5k but with no success (I know, right?) and did something in between.

The group in their shirts.

Leslie made shirts (hand dyed) for the run, and even had a roster. Serious business.

Just because she is cute..

After eating, we took some family pics:

Rob (behind the tree) wins for most creative.

It was a great Thanksgiving, and we have a lot to be thankful for!

I love this guy.


  1. Rob is definitely the funniest Patterson, he should get more credit!

  2. haha this guy...he'll regret it someday when everyone thinks he doesn't have a face?
    -champion of turkeytrott2010

  3. Cuuuute family - we missed you guys!

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