Doctorly Decisions

This is kind of a boring wordy post about our lives, for those of you interested, read ahead! For those of you who aren't, you might want to skip this one and come back next time :)

The time has gone by SO fast. In June, Dustin graduates medical school and becomes a real doctor, and starts residency.
(Dustin taking out the trash as a doctor..)

This week (as in tomorrow) Dustin and I have to finally make up our minds and decide where we want to do residency (residency is for three years, and it starts in June). Our top choices are Provo, Utah and San Diego, California.
(Dustin spilling soup in bed as a doctor)

Provo for friends (like these girls), family, and school (school for me, not Dustin).

San Diego for obvious reasons (my life goal is to live in southern California forever--- who is with me?!).

This has been a really tough decision for us. We love the two places for such different reasons. With CA we get to have an adventure, be on our own somewhere we have never lived, and the weather is unreal.

With Utah I can go back to BYU (I just got re-accepted yesterday, what a relief!) and finish my degree (whatever that may be). I have lived there before, and like I mentioned, some of my best friends still live there. This is a big deal because Dustin will be so busy during residency that I likely won't see him a ton. This is where friends will be vital.
(Dustin pre-operation)

The ironic part is, when all is said and done, we may not end up in Provo or San Diego. It's a match program where the hospitals that we are applying to rank their top applicants in order, and Dustin ranks the top hospitals that he wants to go to (in order as well). Then if the rankings of the hospitals and Dustin's match up, then we are bound by contract to go there. So we could end up in: Ventura, San Diego, Washington D.C., Portland, Salt Lake, or Provo. Or none of the above (which would be the worst scenario imaginable...).
(love a man in uniform...)

I know this is kind of a (really) boring post, but it has been a crazy time for us, and I kind of want to remember how it all went down when all is said in done.
(Dustin did that!)

I'll keep you all posted as to where we are going as soon as I know!

PS: Enjoy the pictures of my cute almost doctor husband.


  1. wait to go, girl(+dustin)!

    good luck with your decision, i'm sure everything will work out perfect!

  2. Is he going the D.O. route? That's what my husband is doing and he has to go through the whole ranking/matching thing. San Diego would be awesome, but Provo is pretty rad, too. Good luck with everything! Congrats on getting reaccepted to BYU!

  3. Cant wait to hear what you decide!!!!

  4. we are waiting to see where ty gets into law schools right now...it's so exciting! can't wait to hear what you married folk decide :)

  5. all of those destinations are my dream living locations! (especially d.c.) wherever you go will be so chill.

  6. Yikes. I hate the waiting game and decisions on where to go/what to do! Good luck to you and to him! I'm sure you'll end up right where you need to be.

    Oh, I'll happily welcome you to Portland if that's where you have to go! :)

  7. That sounds pretty stressful. As someone who followed my love to the other side of the globe, I can say that it's pretty hard to live in a new city with no friends or family, and a husband who works a lot. But I'm sure that it will all work out. Can't wait to hear where you end up!

  8. that does sound stressful, but i am sure it will all work out for the best. good luck with the next few months. (i will admit my vote is for provo, so then when i need a dr i can show up at your front door at 2 in the morning.... !!!

  9. Ohhh my gosh that soup picture! Nasty. I hope he cleaned it up, like a doctor.

  10. san diego. life is much happier where the sun and slight humidity is. trust me!

  11. Luckily every place on your list is great. You are right in thinking that friends will be vital... they definitely will be. If you don't end up in Provo you will just have to make some new friends! Which can be scary... but awesome. And the friends you make in the hard times- when they basically save your life- become some of the best. And if I was in San Diego I would live on the beach.(sunshine definitely makes loneliness less miserable. but I do have a soft spot for Provo. And being busy with school would definitely help. Good luck!! Big decisions. (PS I LOVE georgetown. I would visit you :)

  12. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments/advice. I'll let you know where we end up!

    Rachel, Dustin is graduating as a D.O. but doing the M.D. match. Good luck to you guys on the match.