Brinley and The Bieb

Last week I ran into my niece Brinley (who I am sure you are all familiar with by now) who was listening to something with her huge headphones on and iPod in her back pocket. Obviously I had to ask her what she was listening to...it was Bieber, of course!
(Brin listening to Bieb)

It just so happens that I have not-so-secretly been wanting to see the Justin Bieber movie, and decided this could be my ticket in without being judged by other movie goers. So I suggested to Brinley that we go see it together!

Meanwhile, my high school friend/BYU college roommate Michelle finds out that I am taking Brin to go see the Biebs, and she comes up with the brilliant idea to take her niece, Payson, who just happens to be Brin's bff. How convenient is that?!

So Friday Michelle and I took our nieces Brinley and Payson on a double date to go see Bieber in 3D. Those two little girls are a crack up together (let's be honest, they kinda reminded me of Michelle and I together).
Brin and I
Michelle and Payson
The movie was amazing, but I think all I ended up doing was loving Jaden Smith more than ever (I want him as my son?). Oh and I guess the day we went to the movie, was the day they happened to add 40 minutes of unseen footage to it. That could explain why Payson fell asleep during the 2 HOUR movie! Dustin even got to join in the fun and come to the movie when he got off of work early.

I think I may have won Brinley over with this stunt, because she drew me this picture yesterday in church (right before her nap in sacrament meeting- ha!). Please notice how many hearts are pictured...

As far as the last post goes, I will keep you updated as soon as we know where we got into residency. In the meantime, thanks for all the well wishes and advice on my last post, I appreciate it you guys. I really do!


  1. Brinley is so adorable. Also, I'm glad you got your excuse to go see the movie! Haha.

  2. This post was great Jenna! You are always so cute! I heard the movie was great. You inspired me to go see it :)

  3. cute girls!

    p.s.. i saw your wedding ring on someone's pinterest page. i'm swooning still.

  4. so many pretty girls!
    i love their little outfits :)

    my husband would literally birth a cow if i went to the bieb movie.

    i wanted this coat a while back, and he said i could get it if i stopped following justin on twitter. haha

  5. oh justin- he gets to the best of us :)

  6. Your little niece is so cute. And I love that Baby baby song because of my nieces.

  7. I am speechless! why are those little girls so freaking cute!??

  8. So precious! What a fun little girls date:-)

    P.S. Just found your adorable blog! xoxo

  9. I'm really glad I'm not the only one who wants to see this. I've also taken a strong liking to Taylor Swift and Destiny's Child videos on youtube lately... Oh, and there was a special on Beyonce on E this morning while i was "editing". Guess how much editing was done during that hour? I think I need to find a new work environment without pop culture influence. ; )