We Really Do Live In Phoenix

As our time to leave Phoenix is fast approaching, I'm realizing that I am not satisfied with the amount of stuff we have done downtown. You see, the problem is, our friends (like the Langs) and my family live in Gilbert, so we end up going down there a lot, and therefore, we don't explore Phoenix like we should. (But don't get me wrong, I love myself some Gilbert.)

That being said, I think I will make a Phoenix bucket list at the end of this post that way you guys can hold me accountable to the things I need to do here before we leave.

Last night Dustin and I got a little crazy and went out to dinner at Gallo Blanco. We ate our fish tacos while listening to a live band that was playing, and watched some women flamenco dance. It was awesome.

After that, we went to the Phoenix Art Museum (Wednesday night is donation night!). Isn't it embarrassing that we haven't done that together yet? We both have gone separately but we have never gone together. And we live like two miles away.

That trail up the wall is made out of nails!

Beware of the pregnant nudies!

This wall is my FAVORITE. I can't emphasize that enough. I think it is so pretty. It's basically just made out of stacked paper in different colors so you only see the sides of the paper. I wish it was a big painting I could take home. I want this in my living room. Wait, I would want this in my living room if I had a living room.
(The other side of the wall is brighter colored papers)

Dustin was freaking out at this Chuck Close painting, cause I guess it isn't a painting, it's a tapestry? Chuck Close is one of Dustin's favorites. (Click here for proof.)

Without further ado my Phoenix Bucket List:
-Body Worlds while it is still here.--done!!!
-Phoenix Suns game.--done!!!
-Spring training game (I don't know if those are really in Phoenix but I still want to go).--over and didn't go.
-Maybe another play at the Phoenix Theatre.--two at Gammage count? Done!
-First Fridays Art Walk (I'm embarrassed to admit this one, because it literally happens across the street in the other neighborhood).--oops, no more Fridays and never did this.
-Go to the farmers market on Saturday and eat from one of the food trucks (sounds way sketch, I know).
-Eat at the famous Pizzeria Bianco!
-Eat at Pane Bianco.--done!
-Maybe go to another symphony concert.
-Hike camelback (I've never done it, embarrassing, I know!!!)--worst idea ever. Done!
-Go to the Phoenix Bat Caves and Chelsea's Kitchen afterwards.
I'll probably add things as I go, but those are the tops for now. If anyone has anymore suggestions feel free to leave them!


  1. add us to your list of partners in crime! we want to come!

  2. Us too!!!! I want to do it all! How will you get your reservation for a table of 6 at Bianco without us anyways?!

    Also I want to do camelback with you asap while it's still beautiful outside!

  3. Done and done girls! I was counting on you both for our table of six at Pizzeria Bianco. We have to do it before we leave.

    Also, Stacie I'm so down. Chelsea you want to come on a hike?

  4. this makes me miss phoenix terribly! ( i NEVER thought i'd say that!)

    biancos is the best. take snacks during your wait and cards. and any other form of entertainment (can you tell i get bored/hungry easily?!) they told us our wait we would be three hours, but it was closer to four.

    love phx art musuem. one of of my favorites i've ever been too.

  5. phoenix bat cave. it is behind Chelsea's Kitchen and it is full of bats that fly out at sunset. we are talking 10,000 plus bats. it is AWESOME.

  6. We love the gourmet food trucks, glad they made way to Phoenix!

    this looks like a great list - i want to vist soon! i had to stay behind on the last work trip, but need to plan a personal one soon!

  7. I hear Pizzeria Bianco is insanely good...but you have to line up at 3pm in order to get in order to get a table. It's really similar to Settebello in SLC, so if you don't get to go in PHX go to Settebello in SLC. A taste of real Italia...

  8. I love feeling like a tourist in your own town, it's the best! And that paper wall at the gallery looks AMAZING, wish I could see it.

  9. I love feeling like a tourist in your own town, it's the best! And that paper wall at the gallery looks AMAZING, wish I could see it.

  10. That paper art/wall is really amazing! What a fun little date night!

  11. the phoenix art museum is definitely one of my favorites. and yeah, those bright paper walls are the BEST.

    i'm going to body worlds this weekend and i'm excited. saw it in boston years ago and it was amazing.

    i know a lot of great phx restaurants if you feel like eating out every day before you leave :)

  12. Lolo's didn't make the list? C'mon, Jen!

  13. just found your blog, you are absolutely goregeous!! i'm a new follower! :)

  14. so good you made a bucket list before it's time to leave. no regrets just fun times planning those swell sounding adventures.

    your starting points are awesome! love those photos, you are just gorgeous lades. um, babymaker mona lisa-ish lady is kinda BIG! wow, art of all kinds over there in Phoenix ; )

    the stacked paper wall is my fave too, love the gradient. very cool. happy weekend to you both! ♥

  15. that wall is amazing! i may well spend my afternoon at work recreating it with colored post-it notes and 'sign here' tabs!