Body Worlds Weekend

In efforts to cross off my Phoenix bucket list (which I updated with some great ideas that were suggested), Dustin and I went to Body Worlds this weekend. It was totally awesome until I fainted. Weird right? It was totally embarrassing. Especially when one of the workers asked if I needed a wheelchair to get me out of the exhibit. Blerg!

AZ Science Center!
1) long line to get in 2) biking to the science center

You see the problem is, I wasn't even grossed out by the exhibit or anything, I just fainted! I still don't know if Dustin believes that, but I assure you it's true. I have a weird fainting problem. A few months back when Dustin and I went to the Jónsi concert, I passed out there too.

After Dustin reviving me (not really) at Body Worlds, we rode our bikes home from the Science Center only to get home to surprise visitors! My sister and her family were in our neck of the woods and decided to stop in. This is a huge deal! We hardly ever get visitors around here and getting visitors is the most fun. It was beautiful outside so we spent the majority of their visit on our front porch. And at the creepy ice cream truck that drives around our neighborhood to the tune of "Popeye The Sailor Man" a gazillion times a day.

Brinley being Brinley always chooses her treats based off of looks, not taste, (I'm pretty sure she took two licks and threw it away), while Tyler chooses his off of flavor. I totally remember choosing the gimmicky treats when I was little. One of the many reasons I love Brin!

Power Puff Girls Popsicle

We had a fabulous time visiting and before they left, Brinley declared that she wanted to move in with Dustin and I. If her parents weren't equally obsessed with her as I am, then I probably would have tried to explore that subject more. She is the best.

Later that night Dustin and I went down to Mesa Arts Center (I always forget how cool that building is), so we could go to a East Valley Mormon Choral Organization oratorio called Messiah in America. It was really interesting. I liked it a lot. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Allen for inviting us. They keep Dustin and I pretty cultured. A while back (last May) they also invited us to the Phoenix Symphony for a Memorial Day tribute where the symphony played all sorts of patriotic songs. My Grandpa got to stand up for the Air Force song (he flew planes, cool right?!). I loved that.

The family at The Mesa Art Center
Dustin, me, grandpa, and grandma last year at the Phoenix Symphony dressed up for Memorial Day

I'll leave you guys now with a picture of Dustin and I in our helmets from our bike ride at South Mountain this weekend. Enjoy!


  1. Your grandma allen is the cutest! ..And you are lucky we weren't at Body Worlds, I would have tried to revive you with a snickers bar. What?!

  2. PS- love your little clutch you cute thang

  3. Being a 'museum person' I love that you guys are going to all these museums and art centers!

    MAC is like a home to me! I love it!

  4. Body world is awesome right? We saw it in San Diego a few years ago, and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

    Sorry you passed out lady. That's sucks.

    Oh, and the Jonsi concert?! Lucky duck!

  5. i've never passed out. but i've sort of always wanted to because it's so pride and prejudice-ish. haaaaa.

    body world is here right now too! i think we're going in a few weeks... i'm nervous.

  6. oh body world! i meant to go that but...its going to end up on the list of things i wish i did along with ren fest.
    ps- i think its so cute you and your dr. husband ride bikes together!

  7. Jenna I know how you feel! I passed out in the ER one time when I was visiting my friend, and I am totally fine with hospitals. So weird. I love your cute little fam :)

  8. Seen Body Worlds...I felt leaving a tad bit nauseous and woozy. I am so jealous of your biking adventure! I am obsessed with biking...helmets and all!

  9. im pretty sure that is the EXACT ice cream van that drives around my neighborhood every day, yep....ps would you recommend body world? jeremy really wants to go and im kinda sketched out.

  10. okay, you are adorable! Hubby and I went to Body World on Monday. I thought I was gonna puke, and seeing all the fettus made me second guess ever wanting to get preggo :) hahahaha just kidddding.... love to find fellow arizonans! so cute!

  11. Oh no! I used to faint randomly too, it was because I had low blood pressure. Cute pics though!

  12. sorry you passed out! towards the end of the exhibit, i got pretty sick because i was starving, but then REALLY wished i wasn't hungry in a room full of preserved bodies. i thought maybe i was going to puke, but thankfully didn't.

    i love that you guys rode your bikes there! how fun.