Date Night With Two Princes

On Tuesday night, Dustin and I had the chance to go out with our friends Chelsea and Ben Prince. Chelsea and I were roommies up in Utah and have been best of friends ever since.

First, we went to Cibo for dinner, which happens to be down the street from our house in Phoenix. It is a little pizzeria in a bungalow from 1913 complete with a cute outdoor area to eat. The weather has been outrageously beautiful down here in AZ (we haven't had the heat or A/C on for at least a month now--dreamy!) so we obviously chose to eat outside.

(@ Cibo)

After enjoying our pizza, we took off to the Suns game where we had fun cheering on "Steven Nash" because that was the only player that Chelsea and I really knew. And Chelsea knows him really well because he comes into Nordstrom (where Chelsea works) all the time (okay like twice). Which is why we call him Steven.

(@ The Suns)

Man, I love these two. Ben is planning on going to medical school and I secretly really hope they end up in the same city as we do for residency. That way when our husbands are crazy busy, Chelsea and I can play all day! A girl can dream right?

PS: You might recognize Chelsea from this blog, where on "Fashionista Friday" she answers fashion questions. Isn't she the cutest?


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  2. Sorry! I messed up my first comment. Completely. I looked senile. Anyway -- thanks for posting! Great pictures! Your night together sounded so fun when Chelsea told me about it. I love stalking your blog, by the way. You just do some GREAT things!

  3. fun! my husband and ben went to high school together in st. george.(isn't it weird how small the blogging world is?) chelsea is gorgeous! ben scored.

    oh, and we loved cibo too. lucky you got to eat outside. i think we went in early february and it was still cold (for az standards that is.)

  4. Double dates are so fun! Looks like you had a great night.

  5. wow. you and your friend are so pretty. i love steve nash. he's also the one of the only b-ball players i know.

  6. jealous of you that you get to see the princes. jealous of the princes that they get to see you and dusty, jealous of the warm weather that allows you to eat outside. cant wait to see you in VEGAS!!!

  7. cibo is gooood. haven't been there for awhile.

  8. shot shot shot shot shot! stev stev stev steven Nash nash nash nash nash nash! Steven Nash!

  9. cibo is delicious! if you haven't tried the truffle pizza, or the pesto salad.. put them on your to-do list. you won't regret it.

    btdub.. he's a stephen. stephen... nash. weird, right? i just found this out a couple days ago. take your time letting it sink in. i'm certain you'll need it.