The happs around our house

It's been really cold in Arizona (like in the 40s and 50s!), so Dustin got inventive and put his socks in the oven to warm them up. Don't worry, I walked into the kitchen just in time to take a picture. He told me that he used to do it on his mission and actually burnt his socks once in the process.

It's Valentines week which means Valentines cookies! Oh and it's also the birthday week of our beloved Arizona which became a state on February 14, 1912. She is turning 99 this year! So that also means cactus cookies. We don't discriminate.

Dustin finally returned to work this week after a missing a full week because of his cough. He is on a surgery rotation so he literally couldn't go in until he wasn't coughing anymore. I guess operating rooms have to be sterile or something? Anyway, we are glad he is better because this (below) is no longer deemed acceptable in my house (don't worry, when I found his stash, I got him a trash can):

This week we are REALLY missing my sister and her family who went back up to Utah after spending a week of non-stop party fun with us.

Last but not least, I love holidays as you may know by now, so I'm hoping to get some valentines-ish stuff together for this week. Stay tuned!


  1. I need some V-day ideas!! SO you better post soon. P.S I'm trying to blog more regularly so you can go ahead and put me on your link list. I'm not even mad you forgot me;) I LOVE YOU

  2. best idea ever for socks.

    my feet are freezing 92% of the time.

    and what the cookies?! those are darling!

  3. i'm sure you'll get a similar comment from anyone who lives outside of az but... 40's and 50's sound heavenly. and good idea on the socks!

  4. Mmm... Those cookies look delicious! I just got my 7d! I'm so excited... I can't believe it's finally here! In my house! Phew. I think my first comment ever on your blog was about how I was saving up, so I thought I'd send you the memo. I can't believe the battery didn't come charged! I think Canon is trying to torture people on their 7d high.

  5. Dustin is wild! I need some valentines ideas as well!

  6. bahaha on seinfeld kramer puts his clothes in the oven because he likes how it warms it up. jerry just asks why he doesnt just put them in the dryer