Queen of Hearts

Yesterday I figured it was high time I got some Valentine decor done. So last night, while Dustin was trying to sleep, I whipped some up!

Here are a few instructions just in case you are a slacker like me and have no Valentine decor up:

Felt Ball String: I bought felt balls in Valentine colors, and had some red thread (heavy duty thread, not the regular sewing thread), took a big needle, and strung them on one by one. Couldn't be easier. Seriously.

I also bought some red felt squares, and cut out different sizes of hearts in the felt.

For the Heart Garland: I made the different sizes of hearts in Photoshop, then printed them off on one page of card stock paper. I cut out the felt using the card stock hearts as my patterns. After that I threw them in a ziplock and picked them out one-by-one and sewed them together with fishing line. This is actually way easier than it sounds.

I made a google doc of the different size hearts I used, so if you want to, you can just download the document, print it off on card stock, and get cutting! Here it is.

Now all I have to do is get some flowers in those vases!


  1. How cute is this?!

    Love your dresser btw!

  2. cute♥ thanks for such a great idea.

  3. Novel ideas. Way to go Jenna Girl.

  4. love the heart garland! =) i wonder if i'll have time to make my own!

  5. This is too cute! I may have to make a heart garland with your heart template. p.s. I love your yellow dresser!

  6. lovely. also, i think we need a house tour - it looks so cute.

  7. i love these! I'll remember this for next year (:

  8. i love your yellow draws! plus HRH looks pretty cool on your wall!


  9. way to commit lades! that garland makes me ridiculously happy!!!! and adore the wall art behind it, was looking through your stellar blog and saw the post about creating it. wondrous and rad! ♥